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Spill Kit Accessorys > A-SIGN*****Spill Control Station Sign
A-SIGN*****Spill Control Station Sign

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Price: $12.25
Availability: in stock
Prod. Code: A-SIGN

Item Number: A-SIGN

Item Name: Spill Control Station Sign

Amount: 1 each/package

Product Dimensions
Length Width Height Depth Int. Dia. Ext. Dia.
(25.4 cm)
(17.8 cm)

Weight: .5(227 g)

Color: White

Features and Benefits

  • Black-on-white legend/Clearly designates Spill Control Station
  • Flexible vinyl construction/Use even on curved or irregular surfaces
  • Adhesive backing/Keeps Sign in place
  • 7" x 10"/Large size for visibility


  • high performance vinyl