Absorbent Pads


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  • Survivor ™ technology ultrasonically bonds three different types of materials to produce mat that keeps looking good. Tough camouflage Spunbond layer on top stays clean and dry as liquids are drawn into the innner MeltBlown layer. The bottom FineFiber layer features densely-woven strands that increase surface area so the mat grips the floor for safer walking. Ideal for high-traffic areas.
  • Camouflage  <------CLICK HERE  for oils, coolants,solvents and water 


  • FineFiber technology produces densely-woven, small-diameter strands of fiber to increase surface area for fast absorption and firmer grip. Add 3-ply construction for extra durability and you have a mat that you can walk on safely and is virtually indestructible to foot traffic
  • Gray   <-----CLICK HERE   for oils, coolants,solvents and water 
  • Green  <----CLICK HERE   for oils, coolants,solvents and water
  • White   <----CLICK HERE   for oils, not water
  • Blue  <-------CLICK HERE   for oils, not water 
  • MultiLaminate technology produces a super-strong, heavy-weight mat for rugged applications. Outer spunbond layers constructed of continuous strands of interwoven polypropylene fibers provide toughness while the MeltBlown inner layer draws and traps ugly grime inside. Resistant to tears and abrasions, this mat is perfect for lining tool cribs and placing under jagged parts and heavy equipment.
  • Gray  <-------CLICK HERE   for oils, coolants,solvents and water 
  • White  <-- ---CLICK HERE   for oils, not water
  • Blue  <------- CLICK HERE   for oils, not water 
  • AirLaid technology produces a resilient bounce-back polypropylene fiber that creates uniform pockets of air space that sorb and hold liquids. Insert AirLaid polypropylene between two layers of tough spunbond and bond ultrasonically for added strength. Now you have an ideal mat for wrapping around pipes or fitting into tight spots to help maintain a cleaner, safer workplace.
  • Gray  <-------CLICK HERE   for oils, coolants,solvents and water 
  • White  <-----CLICK HERE  for oils, not water
  • SonicBonded technology produces a high-loft mat for faster, greater absorbency. Fuse the layers together with ultrasonic weld points and you’ve got a mat that sucks up to 57.5 gallons per roll and keeps its shape even when fully saturated. In other words, it won’t fall apart! Great for overspray areas and indoor spills where clean, dry floors are important for safety.
  • Gray  <-------CLICK HERE   for oils, coolants,solvents and water 
  • White  <------CLICK HERE   for oils, not water
  • MeltBlown polypropylene fibers in their natural state are hydrophobic. Hydrophobic fibers repel water (and float) while only sorbing oils and other hydrocarbons. Loose-stacked weave construction increases surface area and begins to sorb on contact. Ideal for quick, effective clean-up of large oil spills on land or water.
  • White  <-------CLICK HERE  for oils, not water
  • HazMat  When hazardous or unknown liquids spill, use SpillTech sorbent products for quick, efficient response. Made of 100% polypropylene to absorb most aggressive or caustic fluids. Sonic-bondes "dimples" add strength and fast-wicking power. All HazMat Sorbents are color-coded in safety yellow for quick identification.
  • Yellow  <-------CLICK HERE   for acids,bases,and unknown liquids
  • Static-Dissipative Static-Dissipative MeltBlown Mat comes in a blue wrapper for quick identification when you need Mat where stitic electricity poses a risk.
  • White  <-------CLICK HERE  for oils, not water