Oil-Only Socks <-------CLICK HERE 
Oil-Only Socks Absorb Oils, Repel Water
For oil-only cleanup, choose these Socks. By selectively absorbing only oil and not water, these 100% polypropylene Socks absorb more oil and can be left on the job longer.

HazMat Socks <-------CLICK HERE 
Use HazMat Socks for Caustic Fluids
These 100% polypropylene Socks soak up nearly any type of caustic or unknown fluid—acids, bases, solvents and chemicals. Color-coded yellow so you know exactly what you’re reaching for in an emergency spill situation.

Universal Socks <-------CLICK HERE 
A Solid Performer in a Variety of Situations
These durable, universal-application, 100% polypropylene Socks absorb oils, coolants, solvents and water. Use wherever you have a variety of spills and only want to stock one sock to cover everything. Socks easily mold to almost any shape


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Reusable Socks <-------CLICK HERE 
Just Wring it Out and Re-Use at Least 40 Times
Because this sock can be used over and over again, it provides more than just great leak and spill containment—it’s cost-effective as well. With its long service life, it can do the work of up to 80 regular socks. For universal application

CornCob Socks  <-------CLICK HERE 
Tackle Tough Jobs and Provide an Affordable Alternative to Messy Clay
These economical and highly efficient Socks can tackle even the toughest jobs.With a tough polypropylene skin and finely ground corn cob filler, these Socks absorb 1/2 gallon of oil, coolants, solvents and water— nearly twice as much as clay, but without the dust or the mess to clean up afterward. Plus they’re incinerable. Unlike clay, you won’t need a shovel for this cleanup! “Manufactured Under Patent #4,659,478."

Cellulose Socks <-------CLICK HERE 
Super-Absorbent Cellulose Socks Soak Up to One Gallon per 4'
These are very thirsty Socks— a single 4' sock can absorb up to a gallon of liquid, making this a true top-performer. Very flexible construction allows you to place this Sock in a variety of positions around spills or leaking machinery.



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