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Spill Response Kits




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    Customize a Spill Kit with exactly what you need.

    If you don’t see a Spill Kit on pages 30-32 of the catalog that meets your needs, we’ll build one for you! You can choose the container you want, and fill it with the contents you need—right down to the last Sock! Just contact Absorbent King with the specifications, and we will do the rest. There’s no upcharge for this service, so take advantage of this easy way to customize your spill response plan. Order exactly what you want, so you won’t be stuck paying for sorbents or PPE that you don’t really need. Customize today … and don’t forget the accessories!

    What is a Spill Response Kit?
    An assortment of socks, mat pads, and pillows, pre-packaged in a container which allows swift response to spills inside or outside a facility.
    • Socks stop spills from spreading while also absorbing the liquid.
    • Pillows quickly absorb deep pools of liquid or capture heavy leaks.
    • Mat Pads soak up liquids quickly for efficient clean-up.
    A “Must” for any
    ISO 14001-certified facility!