Spill Kit Accessorys


A-EGB*****Emergency GuideBook

Great source of information for responding quickly to spills of all types. Helps identify hazards and materials in an accident. Color-coded and indexed.


A-EPOXY*****Epoxy Putty

This versatile Putty can be used to make emergency patches and repairs of a wide variety of materials. It adheres to steel, glass, metals, masonry, wood and many plastics. Sets in 20 minutes—hard as cement in an hour. Store unused Putty in re-sealable tube. Solvent-free, non-toxic.


A-GLV-NIT*****Nitrile Gloves

More chemical-resistant than rubber gloves, with better puncture and abrasion resistance than PVC gloves. Light, cool and comfortable.



Light-weight, comfortable design. ANSI-compliant for impact protection. Frame made from sturdy PVC plastic; scratchresistant polycarbonate lens.


A-LIGHT STICKS*****Light Stick

Disposable Light Stick lasts for hours, requires no batteries or electricity, and contains no toxic chemicals.


A-P&D*****Plug & Dike Epoxy

Non-toxic, non-flammable blend forms an immediate seal when applied.Works with fuels, solvents, paints, and water-based chemicals.


A-SIGN*****Spill Control Station Sign

Vinyl construction with adhesive backing sticks to smooth, curved and irregular surfaces.