Dumpster Liner  <-------CLICK HERE   (coming soon)

Tough, heavy-duty polyethylene liners make waste disposal safe and easy. Patented form keeps liners snugly in place. The sturdy construction keeps waste sludge where it belongs—in containers, and off the ground.

  • Prevent Toxic Run-off 
  • Strong Enough for Transporting Waste



Workstations <-------CLICK HERE

Easy-to-Load Workstations

These 6"-high, low-profile Workstationsare easy to load when used with the optional Ramp. Ample sump capacity means longer time between pumping out the sump. Tough polyethylene construction cannot rust or corrode, and stands up to heavy use. Replacement Grates are available if old ones become worn or contaminated, and the Ramp can be attached almost anywhere to allow easy access. You can join together several stations with Link-LockConnectors (sold in pairs). Accessories Add Versatility

Economy Spill Pallets <-------CLICK HERE

 4-Drum Pallets have a low profile (113?4"H) and can hold up to 3,000 lbs. 2-Drum Pallets stand at 161?2"H and have a load capacity of 1,500 lbs.
Each Pallet provides a 66-gallon polyethylene sump to protect and help keep you in compliance— in the event of a small leak or complete drum failure.
All-polyethylene construction makes these Pallets lightweight and resistant to chemicals.Won’t rust or corrode.

  • Meets Containment Requirement
  • Strong, Durable and Long-Lasting
  • Low-Profile and Heavy Load Capacity 



Portable Spill Containers <-------CLICK HERE

It’s hard to find comparable products on the market today that are any easier to use than these flexiblesidewall portable spill containers. Anytime you need temporary storage in a hurry, reach for this product.
As an alternative to hard polyurethane pallets that must be moved with a forklift, the SpillPalis easy to move and has light foam sidewalls that spring back to their original shape after any type of pressure is applied to the product.
No ramps or accessories are needed with the SpillPalPortable Containment deck. Flexible sidewalls spring back to form, so you can drive over them safely.

  • Quick, Easy Set-up
  • Everything you Need in a Single Package
  • Affordable, Convenient Temporary Storage 


Drive-In Berms <-------CLICK HERE   (coming soon)

Stands up to Abuse
Berm is formed from CFCfree polyurethane foam, so it returns to its exact height when driven over.
Units are made of XR-5, an extremely strong polyester-reinforced urethane made of woven DuPont Dacron® polyester fibers. The technology built into the XR geomembranes makes these units capable of withstanding a broader range of temperatures and chemicals. Nylon straps are used for lifting the berm, or for hanging it to drain and dry after being used.

  • Sturdy Construction
  • Control Drips and Leaks with Drive-in Berms 
    Great for indoor or outdoor use, these large, sturdy spill containers with floors can catch and contain drips and leaks from machinery and vehicles, or serve as washing bays.

Spill Containment Pools <-------CLICK HERE

Constructed of high-density polyethylene tapes, pools offer excellent resistance to many chemicals. Translucent sides allow you to see when it’s full. Each size has a color-coded ring for quick size identification.

  • Containment Pools 



Drain Covers <-------CLICK HERE

These tough but easy-tohandle DrainCovers are made of solid polyurethane. They’re tacky on both sides, so either side can be used for forming a tight seal to block contaminants.
More chemical-resistant than rubbers or plastics, and it stands up to a wide range of chemicals, solvents and oils. Reusable; can be washed and stored in a handy, portable plastic tube (not included).

  • Reversible, Reusable DrainCovers in Two Sizes 
  • Tough, Polyurethane Construction

Connectable Spill Berm <-------CLICK HERE

Made of flexible 100% polyurethane elastomer so it’s non-absorbent and resistant to a wide variety of chemicals and fluids.
Just clean it with soap and water when you’re done. Interlocking ends connect individual sections to create longer lengths so you can contain almost any spill.
Manufactured Under Patent #5,236,281.”

  • Sturdy and Resuable
  • Easily Bends to Fit any Angle or Curve

Poly-Collector and Accessories <-------CLICK HERE

Poly-Drum Funnel ™—ENP3004 Fits both closed-head and open-head 55-gallon drums and other containers. Just set it in place and forget it. Features a high sidewall and bung-fitting holders. —ENP8075  
Strong, tough 100% polyurethane outer shell holds 66 gallons. The Poly-Collectorwith the Poly-Drum Funnelin place prevents overspills while allowing multiple oil filters, cans or pails to drain at the same time. UV-stabilized for a long, productive work life. —ENP8050  
Stout Drum Dolly has castored wheels to support the Poly-Collectoreven when it’s fully loaded. Allows easy movement of drums for dispensing and emptying.

  • Poly-Collector
  • Drum Dolly

Polly-Dolly <-------CLICK HERE

With a built-in 80-gallon containment sump, this amazing new product virtually eliminates the old-style dispensers. Poly-Dolly® provides a safe and easy way to transport and dispense from 55-gallon drums. 100% polyethylene design with 10" wheels. 

  • Dispensing is no Longer a Risky Business
  • Makes Old-Style Dispensers Obsolete